At the Good Samaritan we do not require any expensive buy-ins or any long-term leases. Our residents pay on a month-to-month basis, leaving you with flexibility and peace of mind.
The Good Samaritan is open to people of all denominations. We have a very diverse community and our mission is the care and well being of our residents.
We have four different sized studios from which to choose, or it may be more economical for you to choose a room to share.
All rooms have 2 closets except for the Single which has one closet. All rooms are equipped with a kitchenette.
Ground level rooms have a patio, and second floor rooms have balcony’s.
A shared room is 520 sq ft. and shared by two people. There are twin beds, and one closet for each roommate. There is a shared bath and kitchenette. Additionally the rooms can be furnished or residents can use their own furniture. We furnish only in shared rooms.

  • AVAILABLE STUDIOSSingle Studio 390 sq.ft.
    Central Studio 470 sq ft.
    Deluxe Studio 520 sq ft.
    Grand Studio 580 sq ft.
    Shared room 520 sq ft.

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