Experience the quiet and enjoyable atmosphere of Independent Senior Housing in the beautiful warm temperate climate of Rancho San Diego, California.


At the Good Samaritan many of our residents have downsized their previous lives preferring to spend their time perusing a life of leisure. Because our services include cleaning, dining services, and landscaping, it gives you the opportunity to really take advantage of your free time as a retired adult.
You can come and go as you please. This gives you the opportunity to still live like you would have at your previous house, going on vacations as you please.
Our secure community ensures your safety and privacy are well protected.
Social Activities and Friends:
Our facilities and services provide active healthy seniors with the mobility, amenities, and freedom needed to maintain rich and active lifestyles.
You will meet new people and create new friendships, as well as participate in many fun events and activities. The neighbors you meet will become the friends you see regularly at all the events and activities.

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